Antecedent is a surreal first-person murder mystery game in which players must solve mind-bending puzzles to uncover the rituals and identity of a depraved killer. Locate glyph patterns scattered throughout the crime scene and input them in the mobile companion app, Lockbox, to access valuable information pertaining to the crime. Do you have what it takes to see the case from another perspective? Controls: Enter - Start | WASD - Move | Mouse - Look | Right Click - Zoom | E - Interact | Arrow Keys - Rotate Object | Keyboard - Input Killer's Identity in Front of Door with White Lock
Jam year: 
Companion screen
MS Windows, Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product), Unreal Engine
Installation Instructions: 

Both the main game, Antecedent, and companion app, Lockbox, are required to complete the game. The main game is PC-only, while the companion is available for both Android and PC. The zipped folder at the bottom of this page contains everything you need.

The companion app can also be downloaded from Google Play here:​

The game's source files can be downloaded here:


Jamie King - @Eight_Bit_Remix: Interaction and Unreal Engine

Andrew Lindsay - @The_Piode: Companion App & 2D Art

Sandy Tarvet - @TaleOfGenius: 3D Art

Yong Cho - @ChoBot90: 3D Art

Game Stills: