And the Mountain...

One day, as the sun rises over the mountain peaks and pours into valley below, your mother takes your tiny hand and leads you out of the village. Similar to every morning, you sit down in front of the village shrine and begin to pray. This morning, your mother does not take your hand again, but instead straightens the ornamental bells hanging from your head and leaves. The village gate swiftly closes behind her and all that lies before you is the looming mountain.
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Gandhi's Game
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Project Lead/Level Designer: Kirstin Whiteside

Lead Narrative Designer: Natalie Jones

Lead Sound Designer: Willam Edmisten

Lead Art Director: Isadora Salvetti

Lead Tech and Programmer: Andy Simons

Texture Artist: Thomas VanZeeland

Character Rigger: Charles Howard

Artists: Cari Bates, Zoe Yera, Kuan Liu, Carla Cruz

Level Designers: Wentao Shi, Thomas Carter

Sound Designers: Cody Ojea, Kamron Shushtar

Voice Talent: Megan Duncan