In Tupi Guarani - a native south american language - "amanda" is the name used for "rain". Somewhere in the rainforest lived peacefully a native tribe. Life was great and water, plentiful. That, until the witchdoctor got ill. Life got harsh, rain was only a memory, and nobody knew exactly what to do about it, as it was never a problem before - they lived in a rainforest, after all. After many failed attempts to please the gods, the witchdoctor felt his time around the living was fading away. In order to protect his tribe from following the same fate as his, it was time for drastic measures. Things could go wild, but nothing could be worse than what they already were going through. A long time ago, in the worldwide witchdoctor convention somewhere around Central America, he was given a mystical totem which could, with the correct offerings, make it rain wherever it were. As its powers were never necessary - and as the spirits in the totem didn't actually get along very well with the rainforest gods - he felt, at the time, that the best thing to do was just to bury it in the vicinity of the village. Well, things have changed. "It's our only chance", he thought. So be it. Through his last moments of life, the witchdoctor called upon his pupils and tried to pass on everything he could remember about how to go through with the ritual. They would be responsible for pleasing the totem, and he would try to deal with their gods up there and make them understand the situation and not get that mad about it. As the witchdoctor passed away, the required offerings were gathered around the site were the totem pole was buried. They started digging it up, and the earth trembled. The spirits on the totem were rampant, and the pupils knew it was not going to be an easy task. Whoever managed to calm down such wilderness would surely be on the way for becoming the wichdoctor's successor.
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A Local Game for Local People
Gandhi's Game
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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Tabletop Technology
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Pen, paper and wood.
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Print the appropriate board for the player number (triangular for 3, squared for 4...) and the card set 2x for each player.

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Game Design

Amanda Leite, Guilherme Landgraf, Juliana Leitão and Pedro Latro


Guilherme Landgraf and Mariana Brand


Pedro Latro


Amanda Leite, Gabriela Parizotto, Guilherme Landgraf, Juliana Leitão, Lara Ports, Mariana Brand, Pedro Latro and some folks here and there

Establishing Chaos

Artur Mittelbach

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