The Altar Rampage

It is about clan tribulation. Players are representing a village and each village have their own food and their villagers. Each round, it represent one day, every village have to strive for contributing the most tributes to the altar. God will come on every weekend (every 7 days) to collect the most kind of tributes. There will be 4 round in total. Only the most contributed village will be excluded from penalty Penalty: Sacrifice their villagers
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Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Android device, iPhone, iPad
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

For the executable:

1. Unzip The Altar
2. Start with game.exe

For the source project, open with Unity version 5.3 or later.

As this is a demo, some features are not implemented. Hotkeys are used for development purposes but could be used to showcase some part of the game that is not fully completed.

Simply press "F" to throw, "C" to change camera angle, Space Bar to go to the next player, and on Sunday (God Phase), press "up" to forgive and "down" to punish (costing a village a life). 


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