Aloha Rumble

In a land far away from here, an island populated by 2 rivaling tribes tries to please the volcano god Hetkatonkaknakk by throwing offerings at his holy avatar inside the volcano. In a battle to earn the favor of the god of fire and destruction, the two tribes must compete in holy games of throwing whatever is available at the avatar. Impressing the god by throwing things as close to it as possible is the path to saving your humble village and bring misery upon your rivals. This is a 2 player volcano-offering game where skill and luck goes hand in hand, the winner gains immeasurable fame among his own, while the loser has to watch everything they ever knew burn in fire and chaos. Win by having the most points after a minute. W, S and Space controlls one character. Up, Down and rCTRL controlls the other.
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One hand tied behind my back
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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