Alo ui cer Dieu (Hello yes this is God)

Un dieu doit faire comprendre à ses ouailles qu'ils ont un rituel à accomplir. Problème : ils sont pas super forts en augure. ---------- You're a god. That's good. But you also have to be productive! The Director of Godly Resources was very clear: you have to improve the ritual rate of the tribe you're in charge of. If you don't, they'll replace you with Cthulhu from the accounts department. With the help of your underlings, be productive and don't let that dorky nerd take your job! A fantastic 2 player LAN asymmetric co-op game with networking that barely works! Each player takes control either of the GOD or the SHAMAN. Their common objective is to conduct a RITUAL which only the GOD knows of. They have to communicate it to the SHAMAN via prodigies provoked using their godly powers (no godphone, sorry). The SHAMAN then have to take the auspices and understand the omen in order to perform a simple and often silly ritual by picking up an item and putting it where it has to be. As a GOD, you are tasked with a RITUAL that your TRIBE must execute. Use your power(s) (lightning, this is a prototype) to communicate with the world of the living and try to tell the SHAMAN what they have to do. Click on your power(s) to select it, then click on the ground to unleash them. Use your mouse to move the camera and zoom with the wheel. Make sure the little ones understand your will! As the SHAMAN of the TRIBE, you have to understand what kind of RITUAL your wrathful GOD awaits from you. Interpret their will through their supernatural power(s) (lightning, did I tell you about prototyping?). Once you (kinda) understand your mission, use your earthly powers to pick up things (EVERYTHING) and throw them somewhere else in a ritual manner. Use the right click to move and the left click to pick up and throw items. Make sure you understand what your lord wants so that you don't get punished.
Jam year: 
One hand tied behind my back
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Somebody thougth that it would be easy to make a LAN game with Unity. It isn't. Don't do that in a game jam.

From left to right:

Teddy a.k.a. BearDroid, improvized expert network engineer

Quentin a.k.a. Q7frkz, was a noob

Charles, engineer in rabbit handling

Hugo, "I did this on paper"

Spencer, extreme graphic designer of extreme extremism

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