All Hail The Button

(If you want to view this where it's actually formatted and looks pretty then head on over to the repo page) Note About Game: We were not able to successfully get the game running as we wanted to but we were able to make a demo of how we wanted it to look/ behave. Overview: Out team took the theme of "Ritual" and thought of the adjective definition of ritual as in "(of an action) arising from convention or habit". with that definition in mind, we created a game that would make the player fall into a daily 'Ritualistic' habit. Which would be opening up the app on their phone to access the game and pressing a button. In addition to this, in order to spread this habit to as many users as we could, we added a social interaction aspect to the game. Which would cause not only the game to spread, but also a motivation to the user to see their teams name being broadcast across Twitter. The Goal of the Game: There are two teams, Red and Blue. Each side has a goal of how many users have to press the button in a cycle and each player can press the button only once during that cycle. Every button press (from either side) adds points towards a "jackpot" that the winning side will get.A winning team is decided after one side is not able to get enough users to press the button. What keeps players coming back is the fact that the amount of button presses required will scale after each cycle but the user won't be able to tell how many that is. They will get an alert at the end of each cycle informing them if their team got enough button presses and if not how much (in percentage) their team was off by. After a winner is decided, the jackpot is awarded to the winning teams score, an announcement is made from the official twitter account (@HailButton) of who won the cycle and how many points each side has, and the cycle resets. How the Game Works: When a player launches the game for the first time, they will be prompted to sign in to their Twitter account. Once they have, the game will pull the users twitter handle (ie @exampleUser) and use that as their Login. Then they are assigned to either the Red or Blue team (based on which side has less players). After all that, the app informs a server of the new user so the server can add them to the list of players and run it's calculations properly. The player will then get alerts every cycle informing them that it's time to press (or what we call it "Hailing/ praising") the button and whether or not their team is still in the running/ if their team has won. More About the Game: Going more in depth into 'All Hail the Button', while the game is not a very visually driven game, the social aspect of it on Twitter will drive the user to want to keep repeating the task of pressing the button everyday causing them to fall into the "ritualistic" daily habit that we are trying to form in them. The official Twitter page will have a bot that announces which team has won and point scores. Players will also be able to associate themselves to those scores/ teams by making tweets with the hashtag 'HailRed' or 'HailBlue' respectively.
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Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Required in order to play the game: Twitter Account Server technology we were going to use includes: - Proton - AWS - SQL All code for the app done in c#

- Jeffrey Johnson        (Code Monkey) - Programmer
- Urias Roony                (Mad Genius   ) - Programmer
- Steeve Tricanowicz   (Math Whiz     ) - Programmer
- Jared Ramey              (Social Guy      ) - Programmer

Art Assets: (Links to respective websites can be found in the readme)
- Kenny
- Johnthan

Technologies Used:
- Unity3D
- Visual Studio 2015
- GitHub