50 Shades of Crimson

50 Shades of Crimson is a self-flagellation game where you must perform a ritual to appease your deity. Players only use their keyboards to move their arm and flail. Avoid sensitive areas such as the head. For maximum points hit the back and try to get the flail moving fast. You have 30 seconds to punish yourself as much as you can without killing yourself. Watch for your characters face and listen to his screams to know when he is nearing death. Controls: Use Q, W and E to control the arm and the flail. If you get in sticky situation, use space bar to reset arm. If, for some strange reason you want to quit the game (Why would you?), press Esc. That's it, just go and honor your God with your willingly spilled blood!
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One hand tied behind my back
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Contains over 60 self recorded sound effects! HD resolution preferred, should work on others but no promises!

Jussi Huhtala, Lauri Jokioja, Antti Kinnunen, Anton Rautanen, Joonas Suokko & Tuomas Suokko

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