4AitaMan XX

Four (stupid) heroes, one giant robot and a hell of bullets. Cooperate to survive across a level filled with enemies, shoot your weapons and arm your shield but beware: your energy is limited and you have to share it between all the systems of your robot. Unleash your fury with (against?) your mates in this crazy couch local multiplayer coop game. Wow, that was long.
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Common ground
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Alessandro Salute - Game Designer
Cristian Gurra - Game Designer
Salvo Cirinà - Game Programmer
Corrado Raffaelli - Game Programmer
Antonio Minuto - 2D Artist
Ennio Caglià - 2D Artist
Elisa Serio - 2D Artist
Uomo Quercia (Andrea Calatti) - 3D Artist
Andrea Fioravanti - 3D Artist

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