2A2F - Anaconda Awesomeness vs Fruity Freedom

Weird Snake for 2 players only. Player 1 plays as Snake. Player 2 plays as FruitsTeam. The snake can eat small berries and fruits, must manage its hunger and not bite itself. The FruitsTeam can select a fruit and move it. A fruit can also explode itself to spread some mutant fruit seeds, creating immediately more fruits. Spreading like this requires a specific fruit vitality level. There's a day/night cycle. The properties are slightly different during the night.
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MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
None of the above. Please add Allegro next year! :) :p Made using C++/Allegro 5.0.10.
Installation Instructions: 


Run the executable

You will need the Allegro 5.0.10 dll (Release), which is not distributed in the zip package.
Download it at http://sourceforge.net/projects/alleg/files/allegro/5.0.10/
Place it in the executable folder, or in the Windows system32 folder. In case of installation problem related to Allegro, do not hesitate to search or post on http://www.allegro.cc/forums/


Snake (1P) : The default controls are UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT = cursor keys to move. 

F1 : start game

L to extend your tail

M : increase speed


Fruits Team (2P) : The default controls are UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT = move the selected fruit.

Key pad 0 = change the fruit cursor.

Key pad 1 = Spread tiny other fruits.


If you plug 2 USB controllers with at least 2 axes and 4 buttons, it should be recognized during the game and OVERRIDE the default keyboard control. If your controller has a START button which seems not to function, please try any other button (indeed buttons are automapped).


Design+coding : Anto80

2D Art : Tisa Lisa.

Sound effects: Fred

Music: Marin

Title screen : Anto80

Game Stills: