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None (students of the university should join the society, though)
Open for entire 48 hours (no sleeping on site: email in advance for a couch)
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You may also want to sign up for our Facebook Event. A summary of this information can be found on our website.

NEW: The room we're holding this in is in a building that requires security card access. Knock on the window of the room on the right, or phone me on 07548251952

We are Warwick Game Design, the student society of the University of Warwick covering any type of game design or game dev. This jam site is open to anyone, student or not, to come and participate. If you're in the local area and hoping to meet up for the jam, a friend of a society member, or just interested to come, it doesn't matter.

We aim to provide a nice site for people to hang out and work on their jam entries. The society exec will endeavour to provide the best atmosphere possible and handle any issues you have. The site should be considered a safe-space.

Society exec will probably be working on their own jam entries, so if you are interested in learning more about game design/dev the workshops may be more appropriate. However, for a beginner, working on a game in a team is a great way of learning more, so it would be worth arranging that for the jam with people willing to take you on.

Typical game technologies used in our society include (but are not limited to):

Twitter: @WGDSoc

IRC: network, channel #wgd

Email: [email protected]

Facebook group


  • Security: campus has a security service which will not be present in the room, but will be contactable throughout the jam. There will be society exec member(s) in the room at all times. You should be safe to leave anything in the room, however we can't accept responsibility for any stolen property. We have a zero-tolerance policy over stealing or damage to other people's stuff, and can ban anyone who gives us a reason to: we want people to feel comfortable and as safe as possible.
  • Travel: the University of Warwick is not in (or near) the town of Warwick. It is on the edge of the City of Coventry region. Nearest train station is Canley. Postcode is CV4 7AL, full address listed in location info (don't travel through Warwick to get here unless it really is on the way). Please ask if you would like to be met at the train station in advance, the exec would be happy to oblige.
  • Food: there is a 24/7 Tesco a short walk away from campus, although they are only open for a some hours on Sunday. We will probably order food each day, if you have any particular grievances about hot food please contact the exec about it in advance. Dominos Pizza do delivery 24/7 including Sundays, and there is a true 24/7 shop a long walking distance away, so you will not starve. There are numerous vending machines around campus, ask the exec for advice on which ones are likely to eat your money. Cash lost in vending machines can be refunded from a cafe on campus during the day.
  • Sleeping: sleeping is forbidden in university teaching rooms for health & safety reasons. Of course, there is nothing we can do about people falling asleep at their desks, but it is worth arranging a hotel or place to stay in advance. If you don't know anyone nearby then you can email the exec well in advance and we may be able to provide a couch to sleep on. This would be a personal arrangement, we make no guarentees regarding providing somewhere to stay.
Food Options: 
Access to coffee/beverages and food in close vicinity.
Available Tools or Technology: 
Power strips (although we can never have too many), desks, chairs, Internet access, possibly a fridge
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