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Since 2014, the University of Bayreuth hosts and provides its participants with equipment, food and fun people. You are welcome to join us and get to know new people, gather new experiences and just have a lot of fun jaming! :-) 

Doors open on Friday, 16:30 o'clock! 

Please be present until 17 o'clock. Our presentation will show you all the information you'll need for this awesome weekend, so please be on time, so we can proceed as planned. 


HUGE thank you to our main sponsors

Medienwissenschaft Uni Bayreuth


Deepsilver & Friends



And also a big thanks to our additional sponsors, who rock:

White Pony GbR

GamesMedia Bayreuth

Nordbayrischer Kurier

Nahkauf Bayreuth

Geseeser Landbäckerei

Brunner Bäcker Bayreuth



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