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Open for entire 48 hours for Lutron employees, other jammers must leave at midnight and return 7 AM
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Lutron Game Jam 2015!

*This site will be the primary source for info about our jam, please check back for updates*


**Update 1/22: Unfortunately the overnight periods will only be available to Lutron employees.

If you are not a Lutron employee you will need to leave at midnight and return after 7 AM the next morning. Sorry about this!

**Update 1/21: Registration for this site is now closed. For any last-minute registrations/questions please contact [email protected].

Jammers: Please review the Code of Conduct here:

2015 Diversifiers have been announced:

Can't wait!!


Repeat: YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN COMPUTER! We will have wired and wi-fi internet access. If you are making board/card games please bring relevant supplies.


Food: We will do our best to provide meals/snacks/drinks. Please contact [email protected] with any special food needs ASAP and we will do our best to accommodate.

Feel free to bring your own food/snacks/drinks! There are grocery stores 1 minute away to get more items as well as restaurants to escape to (you are welcome to go out).


Resting: We will have a quiet room dedicated for breaks/naps/sleepers. Jammers are strongly encouraged to sleep at night (or at some point!). You are also more than welcome to leave for the night and return in the morning. BYO sleeping bag, etc. 

Please bring a toothbrush no matter what!!!


Parking: In front of the main Lutron office building (CB)




5 PM - Early bird tour

6 PM – Kickoff/Icebreaker/Dinner

7:30 PM - Theme announcement

8 PM – Design + get started!






2 PM – Submit projects

4 PM – Presentations/wrap up

6 PM – Goodbye!


Other info

Links to some tools which may be useful:


@Jam links:


Food Options: 
Meals provided on site.
Available Tools or Technology: 
Lutron will NOT be providing computers. You must bring your own computer/monitor/mouse/keyboard/power cable/power strip/ethernet cable. We will have desks and ample power outlets.
Who Can Participate: 
Priority to local students and Lutron employees
Age Restrictions: 

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