Global Game Jam Oslo 2015

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Open for entire 48 hours
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Welcome back to the second year of Global Game Jam in Oslo.

The Board from Spillmakerlauget Øst (Game Developers Guild of Norway - Eastern Division, are once again organizing the event and will improve on the formula from last year.
Members of the Board will always be on location to help facilitate teams in any way we can.


The venue is the same (but the name has changed!). What used to be NITH is now called: Westerdals Oslo School of Art, Communication & Technology - Campus Galleriet.

We have confirmed sponsors from Microsoft Norway and Westerdals, and we're still working with a few more potential. More info on this as it gets confirmed. But we are hoping to be able to supply all the meals you need.

Close to the event area there are lots of shops for various food and other necessities.

Start showing up from 16.00 and we'll start the show at 17.00! If you need to bring extra equipment someone will be available to assist at the venue from 15.00.

Contact us if you have any questions!

Food Options: 
Meals provided on site.
Available Tools or Technology: 
Some powerstrips (bring a spare if you have) and Internet. We will probably have a few Oculus Rift and other stuff available.
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