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Open for entire 48 hours
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Doors open on Friday, 23/01. from 16:00 clock. 
Program starts at 16:30.
No later than 17:00 you should all be present.
Then the mighty jam begins with the keynotes and the big brainstorming.

How many Jammers can come?
80 - 100. Our space is limited so we are going to close the registration as soon as we reach the 100 participant mark.

What about food and beverages?
Breakfast & lunch for Saturday and Sunday are available. On Saturday there is also a dinner for all. We have non-alcoholic drinks on site, including massive caffeine injections. Of course there are possibilities to go shopping. A Rewe is nearby, so is the nightlife from the Kultfabrik and Ostbahnhof.

What is the situation with beds?
48 hours are a damn short time to make games. Therefore, we expect that many participants are simply pulling an all-nighter. We will provide a room or two, in which we you can get a cup of sleep. There are no beds, though. Please bring your own sleeping bag and/or blankets. Anybody living in Munich is able to get some hours of sleep and come back.

What should I bring?
Time, good humor and the urge to make really cool games. In addition, the best a computer (laptop) and periphery (mouse, keyboard, headphones, character pad) and all necessary cables and adapters. A sleeping bag and camping mat for the night. A toothbrush does not hurt either. Of course you can bring anything else you need to make games, whether it's a notepad, your blender or plasticine.

Do you provide workstations?
No, there are no computers on site. Everyone has to bring their own computer (laptop preferred). You can of course use our Wifi. And for the presentation, we provide a projector and speakers - do not forget your Mac adapter!

If a topic set for the Games?
Yes, the organizers of the Global Game Jam will be Friday evening sent a greeting to all locations and specify a subject. For the sake of the jam, sticking to the topic is strongly encouraged. 

Are there any you on Twitter & Facebook?
On Facebook you can find us at: 

on  Twitter at:  There are two hash tags for the event: #ggj  for the global event and  #ggjmuc when the tweet only revolves around our Munich location. Also, you can use #ggjde to communicate with other German sites. 

Why is there no admission fee?

Because we do not organize the Jam in order to make money. The bulk of the cost of the location and the trappings accept our sponsors and Games / Bavaria. All other work we carry out a voluntary basis, where aid is of course always welcome. 

If the games collected at the end?

Yes, all of the games created on the GGJ will be uploaded on Sunday afternoon on the site of the Global Game Jam. So all participants and interested people can play all the games made around the globe. For the boardgames it would be great if everything you can print, such as game rules, game plans, maps, etc. is created as a PDF and uploaded. 

Can anyone come to GGJ?
Yes with a few exceptions. In any case, you should be at least 18 years old. You do not have to be a member of any exclusive society or give us huge sums of money if you want to participate. But you should have the skills you need to develop games. Maybe you are a programmer, or you create works of art in 2D or 3D. Or you take care of sound and music with your small-scale orchestra. Or you're an avid game designer. Also you should be able to participate the whole two days.

Can I just watch?
Basically, yes. But we have not the space to accommodate a large crowd of spectators in work rooms. All journalists, bloggers and video-makers are very welcome and might even start jamming themselves. 

Can we participate as a group?
It makes little sense to come with a solid team and a fixed game idea for a jam. It's the idea of the event to getting to know new people and to try something else. The more open you are, the more people you'll meet and the more fun you'll have. Pinky promise.

Who owns the games that are created on the GGJ?
The team/makers of the game hold all IP rights. However, the Global Game Jam may use the games for demonstration as it sees fit. All games must be posted in the condition they are in, as of the close of the GGJ event (Sunday). More can be found on the official GGJ website.


See you in January!

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Meals provided on site.
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A lot...
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No NPC's !
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18+ only

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