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Playcentric Industries and Story Architects Collaboratory invites GAMERella to Sweden and we run the jam together with the Global Game Jam in the games- and film village in Gothenburg.

We have about 80 spots and if you for some reason have to cancel please let us know so someone else can get that spot.

GAMERella is inviting women, first-time jammers, and gender non conforming game makers, as well as anyone who feels they haven’t had a chance to make a (video or board) game. GAMERella was conceived to prove that game jams are the safest, most exciting environments in which to create games. Nothing is wrong; everyone is experimenting; no one is an expert. It is a place to improve skills, try out risky and unconventional design ideas, meet other developers, but above all, have fun. 

The organizers of  GAMERella wish to help any doubtful participants discover their hidden game-making talents and will support with finding team members. We also offer 2 workshops before the game jam, on January 21st, more info here 

Any questions can be sent to [email protected]

NOTE! January 23-24 there will be many festivals going on in the games- and film village and you can visit them all if you also register for a ticket to the film studio across the yard from Collaboratory. We will also set up a part in the studio for jammers who want to sit there part of the jam time. Register at  to experience the entire festival area. 

January 23rd from 8pm there will also be a relaxed gamer maker party and some C64 music in connection to the venue, all jammers are welcome to join.


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Access to coffee/beverages and food in close vicinity.
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