Collin College GGJ

Jam Site Owner: 
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Entrance Fee: 
Friday 4pm-11pm, Sat 7am-11pm, Sunday 11am-4pm
Food Options: 
Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.
Available Tools or Technology: 
Mac Lab and PC Lab (~40 stations) Adobe Suite, Autodesk Entertainment Suite, Unity3D, Scanners, Color printer
Who Can Participate: 
Age Restrictions: 
16+ (College Age+), please

Recently Uploaded Games

Skjdkljaskljf is an action arcade game with roguelike elements. The player is morphed into a different creature on every floor, and must find the exit and defeat enemies using the tools available.
Team Creamy Pumpkin presents a first person 3D survival maze. Try to escape the temple with the idol.
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