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Open for entire 48 hours, doors lock at midnight each night.
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Update: due to an emergency, this site has been relocated to Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU) campus, Building J, Room 202.

Point of contact is now Andrew Greenberg. Atlanta Jammers, you should've received an email seeking your team's info. Please respond to it by noon today. If you did not get the email, let Mr. Greenberg know!


Last evening we lost a dear friend in our gaming community. Tony Tseng was a mentor, a co-worker, a teacher, a loving father, a husband, and to many of us a close friend. In honor of his organization of this year's Global Gam Jam in Atlanta, and what should have been one of the largest sites (if not the largest), in the US - we are still jamming.  If you left on Friday, we're here, going strong, and developing games in Tony's memory. We invite you to come back and join us at SPSU.

If you have any thoughts, wisdom, or memories of Tony you would like to share, please use #GGJ15 and #tonytseng and help us to spread Tony's spirit with the rest of the world.


While Building J at SPSU is now the main site (, satellite locations are welcome too. If you join the SPSU contingent, go to room 202 and work there or in an adjacent room.

THE DOORS TO BUILDING J LOCK AT MIDNIGHT. Please get there before, and have a phone contact to let you back in if you leave. In worst case situations, call Molly Proffitt at 615-478-0814.

Please note that food is NOT included in this, and, since this is a last-minute arrangement, no special arrangements have been made for security. Everyone here is an adult, and we know you can take care of your things and each other. There will be classes in the building Saturday, so please keep the building clean and change rooms as necessary. This is guerrilla jamming at its best, so LEAVE NO TRACE.

Anyone interested in working with Berklee Colleges Video Game Music Club, contact [email protected] with info. They have good people more than happy to help implement music and sound for Global Game Jam games

- You must be 18 years or older to participate.

- Participants can come and go as they please; you do not need to stay at the event for the entire time.

- We encourage all kinds of participants; you don’t have to be a college student and you don’t have to be a SCAD or SPSU student to participate.

- You don’t have to have coding/programming skills to participate. People of all all capabilities and skill levels can contribute, and we need artists (2D & 3D), animators (2D & 3D), game designers, illustrators, graphic designers, programmers, and sound designers/musicians.

- You own your intellectual property created; the organizers and SCAD want you to commercialize your game/creation, so you retain full ownership.

- We’ll have a digital and a non-digital game development track. You can use the weekend to develop a computer/digital game or a board game if you’d like.

- Please bring water/drinks and snacks for yourself to ensure you're well hydrated and have energy.  There are also many local restaurants within a mile of campus as well as a grocery store for your use if needed. We will also provide some free snacks and water during the game jam.

- Participants can come with teams already established, but we encourage you to join a team once you arrive so that you can meet new people. You don’t have to have a team already formed.

- We encourage all participants to rest well during the event; you are welcome to bring pillow/blanket/sleeping bag/etc. Rest well during the event; don’t attempt to stay awake the entire time! You will be more productive with some sleep.

- We will award prizes at the conclusion of the event for the best and most innovative game concepts. LOCATION FOR THIS IS TBD! Stay tuned and check here.

For more info please visit the official SCAD Global Game Jam website:

Food Options: 
Nothing available in the area. Participants must arrange their own food and drink.
Available Tools or Technology: 
Wireless Internet; PC;Unity; UDK, Processing, etc.
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Age Restrictions: 
18+ years only

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