You're Worth Your Weight In Wheat

A visual novel that explores the concept where the player is playing as an Non-Player Character in the game world and despairs over the thought of being trapped in the eternal scripted loop of an NPC. There are multiple endings and choices of how someone may take action in this fantasy world. The interface is a simple point and click adventure game.
Jam year: 
This is How it Feels
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Android device
Technology Notes: 
Ren'py Visual Novel Engine Photoshop CS Bamboo Wacom Tablet Dropbox
Installation Instructions: 

Download source files and run globalgamejam.exe file to play the game on the desktop. For Andriod devices, access the executable files on the phone and install the game.

Technical Note: Ren'py cannot run transitions on Android 5.0+ versions and is currently updating on that issue.


Team Members:

Flora Fong (Programmer, Script Writer) 

Andrea Low (Character Artist) 

Susy Hsi (Background Artist, Programmer) 

Special Thanks:

Jeremy Lim (Audio)

Evan Witt (Audio)

Game Stills: