Yes, Daddy

Game about children playing in house. Listen commands of your Daddy, fight with your friends and get points to win the game. Use any furniture in your house to distract your opponents. Find hidden objects - just for fun.
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MS Windows, Linux / Unix
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Godot Engine ( | FamiTracker ( | Vitruality Spartan (
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Keep an eye on new versions every few days!


Dowload the game here - always the newest version (windows / linux)


P1: WASD - move, Q - kick, E - grab
P2: arows - move, < - kick, > - grab 
P2: alternative: arrows - move, Z - kick, X - grab
P2: second alternative - gamepad

ALT+F4 - exit


Players try to get as many points as possible, trying to follow the commands of Daddy. Some challenges are "first come first served", some "as many as possible".

Get some chair! - find some chair and run to it! (just touch it to get a point)
Eat candies, bastards! - catch as many candies as possible - player with the most of them gets points (just press action when candy selected)
Hide yourself - hide behind some large object - wardrobe, fridge.. (to hide, press action button, standing in front of it)
Throw 'em with pillow! - well, just throw your friend;) pillows may not look like pillows to you, they are those small colorful rectangles..



Leszek Nowak
Krzysztof Siewiorek
Filip Siewiorek
Miłosz Majewski
Dolores Celestial

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