Game about everything and nothing. Everything that has been created is a metaphor. Mindscrew game containing logical, action, music and text riddles. Answer for theme question: "What do we do now?" is "We don't know". In our game you as a color changing cube named WOUO don't know what to do so you try everything and the point is you don't get a clear answer why you even do this. So if you want to get your brain destroyed you must play this game. #WOUO
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Just click on exe and play


Michał "Sir Druggist" Najdora
Piotr "Pejter" Łuczak
Jakub "Grandi" Wachowiak

Pretender of doing hard work:
Michał "Sir Druggist" Najdora

Bearer of the plastic cup:
Piotr "Pejter" Łuczak

Cigarette stealer:
Jakub "Grandi" Wachowiak

Special thanks to:
Michał "Mr. MiH" Król && Konrad "Sab" Słabig for the support and help

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