The Worm

[SEE VIDEO LINK] You were sent on an important mission to investigate a weird phenomenon in the corplex galaxy. On your way to planet zarphon, you got ambushed by the zarphons because you got into their orbit and they saw you as a threat. They shot your spaceship and you plummet down to another distant planet. As your ship is plummeting, you rush to the escape pod to attempt to get away. You manage to get away right before your ship crashed on planet Pahon, and you also see a couple objects shoot out of your ship in different directions. Then pod lands right by the crash site and you go to your ship to inspect it. At the time, you have no idea where you are so you go to see if the communication system is still intact. Unfortunately, the communication system does not work. While inspecting the communication system, you realize that there are three things missing for the communication system to be operational. After a while of contemplating what you are going to do on this plant, you remember you saw things shoot out from your ship when it crashed. You think those things might have been the things for the communication system. You head out to explore the planet in search of these said items in hope that the things that you need were one of the items that were shot out of the ship. While exploring the planet, you encounter monsters and terrain hazards that you must try to avoid. You also find crates around the planet which were some of the items which shot out from your ship. These crates contain weapons, food and ammo. After exploring the planet, you find all the things which you need to put the communication system back together. You make your way back to the ship and repair the communication system and contact HQ. You tell them everything that happened, so they send another ship to come and get you. But during the time which they send out the ship to retrieve you, you are being attacked by the monsters which reside on the planet. You must now try to survive until the ship reaches planet Pahon to rescue you.
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MS Windows
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FL Studio
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Ahnille Chistriaans

Josh Bryan

Curt Croeze

Rein Hennekens

Todor Malakchiev

Danila Mikheev



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