What Have We Done?!

Taking the theme literally we compiled a list of 115 random words and created a random word picker. Every 3 hours we would gather round the word picker and ask What do we do now? After the picker spat out its word we would devise a series of features and task inspired by that word and go off individually and spend 2 hours creating our part with 1 hour left at the end to merge each aspect. We managed to do this 10 times in total and the result was...interesting... Words Received (in order): - Nature - Klein Bottle - Window - Mountains - Misery - Cookie - Camera - Blue - Survival - Lever Features Include: - Unicorn Herding (herd them into the volcano to Save them) - Unicorn Mounting - Volcano Raiser - Cookie Kicker - Misery Mode Survival - Teapots - Klein Bottle Asylum - Space (complete with Black Hole) - Frame Rate Drops - Space Dive - Portals - Mountain Gun (Yes a gun that shoots mountains) - Dynamic Weather System (including bottle rain) - We Got Worms! (and a lance to stab them with) - Unintentional Worm Drive - 10K Screenshot Capabilities - Oculus!!!! Controls: - W,A,S,D + Mouse - Press 'F' to mount unicorns (also dismounts) - Left-click to fire Mountain Gun - Right-click to stab with Lance - Press 'P' to Screenshot (might be broken) - Left-click to Trigger Lever - Press 'K' to enter Misery Mode - Press 'L' to escape Misery Mode
Jam year: 
Relatively Speaking
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Probably, I dunno I'm an artist.


Alex Zeitler

Keneth Mackinnon

Brian Beacom


Matt Zanetti

Daniel Popa


Laurie Bell

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