(We've) Lost The Game

A group of executives is plunged into the unknown, when they crash land on a desert island. Can they work together to escape? Or will they turn on each other to evade the dangers lurking in wait? Use the mouse to choose an executive, and guide them around the island with your mouse. Interact with the island, collect resources, and craft them to create a means to escape - or just survive as long as you can.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
Using Java with the Slick2D development kit, which wraps around LWJGL OpenGL bindings.
Installation Instructions: 

On Windows, go into the folder and run LostGame.bat. On OSX and Linux, you can use LostGame.sh. Alternatively, from a terminal you can do:

java -jar LostGame.jar


Andrew Lewis

Mike Jewell

Matthew Consterdine

Andy Barrett-Sprot

Jonah Emeson

Ollie Steptoe

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