A VegeTable

100% Vegan! -- join Meloncholy, Advocado, PotHeadO and Pumpking in their eternal fight for survival! -- choose your team. -- watch your steps and don't fall in the boiling water! -- together with you team you have to decide ==> What do we do now? <== throw amazing fire-bombs on your opponents(or try to heal yourself)! -- and: -- survive! -- -- by choosing you preferred vegetable, you'll be assigned to a team. -- together with you teammates, you have to coordinate and vote for all of your actions. and remember: as in every discussion: the loudest voice will win! --have a shouting-match! L O U D E R ! -- -- the game is turn based. each turn is split into 3 phases: -- in phase one you decide your movement. -- in phase two you decide if you throw a bomb or a healing - and whereto. -- in phase three you decide which ground-piece will be removed next. -- the executed action will be decided by simple majority! therefore remember: the loudest voice always wins! -- -- don't step into a hole - as that means the instant boiling of your vegetable. you won't survive that! -- ---------------------------------------- to join the battle, just join the website given above with your smartphone
Jam year: 
Noise Generator
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Client: HTML5-Interface for connect to a Game-Server Server: Host a Game via Unity-Application Clients vote actions for that will delivered to Unity-Application.
Installation Instructions: 

Short Instruction:

1. Download the Executable.

2. Create a new Game

3. Join via Browser on: http://stephan-schueritz.de/ggj15/index.php

Full-Instruction at:




Alex Konrad - Programmer

Marc Fenselau - 3D Artist

Max Weiss - Programmer

René Globig - Programmer

Stephan Schüritz - Programmer

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Source files: