Utensil Quest

How can you possibly eat your tasty tasty meal without utensils? You will have to embark on an epic journey through the perilous university grounds in order to equip yourself with a knife and fork so you can chow down. You will need to be careful though, you seem to have forgotten your hall pass, and there are security guards on the prowl, waiting to pounce and send you back to your room empty handed. Fear not though, as you are not alone in your quest. Some of your classmates have hacked into the school security cameras, and can safely see where danger lurks. Their job is to tell you where to go, and when its safe to do so. Only team work will get that meal eaten. Good luck!
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Noise Generator
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Game Team

Edward Whitehead

Leonard Frankel

Matt Dodd

Shane Trewartha

Jessica Brett


Audio by

Ade Vincent

Michael Trott

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