Twin Princess

Our game is about two princess who were forgotten in their castle and were never saved by their prince. A long time ago they were locked by their overprotecting father. Now they grew tired of waiting and decided to take matters on their own hands.
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MS Windows, Linux / Unix, OUYA
Technology Notes: 
Using SFML 2.2 for graphic engine and window managment, otherwise the engine is self made.
Installation Instructions: 

Download the newer version

Run /windows-x86/twin_princess.exe


Bruno Magalhaes Filogonio <[email protected]> - Game Concept Art, Illustration

Francisco Couret <[email protected]> - Illustration, Level Design, Concept Design

Guilherme A. David <[email protected]> - Programming

Matheus A. David <[email protected]> - Animation and Audio Design

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