This game takes place in a Game Jam site. It is about "what we do now". You have to complete your progress by standing near your table. There are other teams increasing progress for their projects. Your aim is to distract other teams by going near their tables and decrease their progress to zero, then complete your progress. Try not no decrease your progress to zero and don't let others to complete. Download apk from :
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Android device, iPhone, iPad
Technology Notes: 
We used GameLooper. It is our own tool for drag-and-drop 2D mobile game development, without coding. Its aim is to teach children algorithms, and let non-programmers to create their mobile games and publish on application stores. More details:

Development: Umut Demirel

Graphic Design: Andaç Altak

Music: Barış Yaman

Sound Effects: Kutay Yalçınkaya

Game Stills: 
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