Trials of the Blood God

'Face the Trials of the Blood God and earn his favour'. Trials of the Blood God is a multiplayer obstacle course with 2 game modes. [GAME MODE 1] - One game mode is a 3 player co-op mode where one player is the game master, also known as the Blood God. 2 of the players can move and jump using a controller. 1 player can be the Blood God which can trigger helpful and harmful environment pieces using a keyboard. The Blood God will ultimately need to help in order to beat the level. Unfortunately, the controls that trigger the environmental aids/hazards are remapped each level. This game mode comes with 2 levels. [GAME MODE 2] - Another game mode is a 5 player platformer racer where 4 players race to reach the end by moving and jumping using a controller. The last player plays as the Blood God and can only trigger harmful environment hazards as unpredictable obstacles for the racing players. The hazard controls are randomly mapped to a select set of keys each time the game restarts.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Made with Unity 4.6.1f1. Minimum hardware required: 2 Xbox 360 controllers, keyboard, computer, screen. Preferred hardware: 4 Xbox 360 controllers, keyboard, computer, screen, speakers Move and jump using the Xbox 360 controller using the left stick and the A button. Trigger environment aids/hazards using the the keys: 1,2,3,4,Q,W,E,R
Installation Instructions: 

Run the .exe file to start the game

Enter one of the three level entrances to select a level. The identical entrances are co-op modes. The remaining entrance is a racing mode. If you want to leave the game and pick a different level use alt + F4 and restart the game.

Reach the end of each level

To play the 2 player split screen you will need 2 controllers and a keyboard.
To play the 4 player split screen you will need 4 controllers and a keyboard.

Movement - Left stick
Jump - A

Trigger environment actions - 1,2,3,4,q,w,e,r

Enjoy ^^


Baiba Gedrovica - Character art
Corné Willemsen - Environment art
Elwin Verploegen - Gameplay programmer
Keano Raubon - Game design & Level design
Querijn Heijmans - Gameplay programmer
Tino van der Kraan - Game design & producer
Yero Pharaoh - Audio

Team photo by Tim Schoonman

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