Tokyo Kaiju Tactics

Tokyo Kaiju Tactics (TKT) is 4 players pre-action game, in which you queue up to 5 actions before watching events unfold. Your goal, as a giant fire-breathing monster, is simple : destroy your friends until you are the only monster remaining. Plan your actions carefully and anticipate the moves of your opponents to roast them first.
Jam year: 
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Installation Instructions: 

Open index.html in either Chrome or Firefox, and play !

You get 5 seconds (when the timer runs) to program 5 actions, then everyone's actions are played together.

You need controllers (we tested only with xbox 360 controllers) to play.

Controls : left stick to move, ABXY buttons to attack in each direction.


2 players can try to play on one keyboard : P1 moves with arrows and attacks with OKLM, P2 moves with ZQSD and attacks with TFGH.

If those keys make no sense, put your keyboard in french and play with OKL; , WASD and TFGH (this one doesn't change)


Gabriel Corbel - Graphics / Game Design

Emmanuel Corno - Graphics / Game Design

Swann Menage - Graphics / Sound Design

Raphael Vandon - Programming

Alexandre Olivier - Programming

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