Time Zone

Over several centuries,people who lives in Taipei all dead with unknown disease. This girl is the only person who survive and have to find someone else.
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MS Windows
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Technology Notes: 
Speech - Prezi Coding - Proceccing Art - Paniter
Installation Instructions: 

Read me before you play the "Time zone" !!!

1.Resolution have 1600*900 up
2.The game version only can use on the Windows
3.Use keyboard arrows to control charactor moving
  and use mouse to launch skill
4.Click mouse with left botton to make red light ball (speed up)
  and click right buton to make blue light ball (slow down)
5.if you die, you are dead.
6.Have fun with the game.


The creator of the game "Game Zone"

  • Projecting : thepaper (劉宇謙)

  • Game art : Boga (劉俊良)  Handred (呂百欽)

  • Codeing : Kenan (柯明男) Chinyu (傅清毓) Tim (林子評)

  • Audio :  Stinger 6-Pack (Solo Piano)

    Artist: Sound Effects by Getty Images
    Title: Stinger 6-Pack (Solo Piano)
    Genre: Sound Effects
    Speed: Mixed
    Track type: Sound Effect
    Date added: 4/12/2012
    Lyrics: A set of 6 related stingers featuring solo piano.
    Keywords: piano, Anticipation
    Restrictions: May not be used in, or in the promotion of: Pornography

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