Time Tear

Time Tear revolves around the player being the hero of the world, preventing it from succumbing to the rips and tears in the space time continuum. After humans tried to create a time machine it backfired causing time tears to open up all over the world! What will we do next? How will we prevent this disaster? Conveniently, there are foreign logs that have appeared in the vicinity of each tear, helping you see it and fix it. The player is presented with two tears (forcing the player to think "what do I do next? Which one?") to go through into a new area, collecting the logs. Each level must be completed as fast as possible, otherwise it will be consumed and you have to start the level again! What happens next? Try out the game on an android device with a compatible VR headset to find out! ((VR Headsets for Android can be found from various companies such as Durovis Dive, or a simple Google Cardboard - which can be made with a Pizza box and the required lenses!)) This game can also be experienced on a windows PC running Unity, but for best results, use VR!
Jam year: 
Wrist Watcher
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
The primary method of delivery will be through an Android device with a wearable compatible VR headset that the android device fits into (usually maximum 5 inch screen). Audio created and edited in Logic Pro X. The player can interact with the game through a Snakebyte controller, connected to the phone through Bluetooth.


Heather MacGill, Jonathan Dillon


Art - Concept/3D/UI:

Katarzyna Gostanska, Sarah Richford, Stanislav Valov



Daniel Ellis



Dylan McCormack, Heather MacGill, Victoria Russell

Game Stills: