THIJUNA | Twittering runner

Endless runner with an innovative tweak: Twitter users can change the gameplay for every player by using the hashtag #Thijuna and another hashtag with secret commands! - If someone #freeze the water in #Thijuna, every player will be able to run into the ice - It would be possible to play #Thijuna with #halfGravity? What happens if some Twitter user set #doubleGravity for every player on #Thijuna? - Have fun by playing the game or changing players mechanics on Twitter or just #sayHi to #Thijuna players! - Discover lots of eastern eggs! According to the legend, the tribe 'Diaguita' from Los Andes (Argentina) where chased by souls eternally trapped in the mountain. You should help 'Thiju' to scape from twittering.
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Noise Generator
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
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Technology Notes: 
- Development: LibGDX, Twitter API 1.1 - Art assets: Adobe Creative Cloud CC - 2D Animation: Spine - Sound Effects: Nuendo

Lead Developer
Lisandro Crespo

Game Designer
Fede Puopolo

2D Artist
Pau Riva

Aníbal Rossi

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