There's A Martini At The End?

A band of four attempt to rob a bank and escape the police with a plethora of mini-games at their disposal.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Student version of Unreal 4 provided to us by SCAD. No plugins were used, Maya and Blender were used for modeling and animation, Photoshop CC for 2D work.
Installation Instructions: 

This game is bundled as a 32-bit Windows Unreal 4 developer build. As of now we only have it running for windows. Just unzip the folder and doubleclick the .exe.

The current zip file bellow is unavailable so here's an alternative link:

Download using Chrome or IE


wasd - movement

c - crouch

space - jump

r - set on fire button (in fire level)

f - enter car (in drive level)

e - start hacking (in hacking level) then type the letter keys as fast as possible to hack


Daniel Pomidor - Art Direction, Graphic Design, Modeling, Design

Will Chu - UI, Design, Production, Story, Art Direction

Edil Ostolaza - Rigging, Level Design, Programming, Character Design, Encounter Design, Production

Trace Gordon - Modeling, Level Design, Art Direction, Environment Concept Art, Design

Ian Doyle - Music, Sound Design, Sound Effects, Design

Nick Foronda - Level Design, Design, Programming, UI Design

Trey McNair - Materials, Modeling, Level Design, Set Dressing

Emily Juliet - Animation, Animation, Animation, Animation

Stefan Lilly - Lead Programming, Level Design

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