In Finnish Game Jam 2015 our game was named as Thabo. Our game is a mash-up of a handheld digital pet Tamagotchi and a business simulation video game Game Dev Tycoon. The main idea is to keep the programmer, Thabo, alive. The player has to feed Thabo with pizza, give him some cola or beer to drink, order him to sleep or to go to the toilet. If some of Thabo's resources falls too low, he dies. The goal is to finish the programming task with high quality as fast as possible. The theme of the year fits well in our game. After every action the player or players can ask themselves: "What do we (or I) do now?" If the player can't decide, the progammer will die.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Unity (C#), PHP, MySQL, GIMP, Audacity

We are five guys from Lappeenranta University of Technology. Our major is Computer Science.

Otto Laitinen, third year student, lead programmer.
Tatu Virta, third year student, junior programmer.
Esko Naski, fifth year student, graphics.
Arttu Urpalainen, fourth year student, the idea, planning, sounds.
Niklas Nygren, fourth year student, menu, sounds.

"Lorpo ku tekee saa semmosen ku tulee."

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