A tale of swats and screams

The player plays as a knight, who has just saved his 6th princess, which he all houses in his castle. After rescuing this 6th princess, the Knight is looking for a carreer switch. Then right when it seemed like the Knight would have to go look for a new carreer, an opportunity presents itself: A plague of Flies is terrorizing his princesses, and their loud screaming is driving the Knight insane. To keep both the Knight and Princesses happy, be sure to remove the flies from the rooms before sanity is lost
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Execute the .Exe inside the Squats&Screams(EXE).zip


Team Comic Sense



Max Oomen

Geert Konijnendijk



Anthea van Leeuwen 

Maaike Konijnendijk

Faiz Hamdi



Erwin van Hoof

Reinout Ruland (team lead)