Super Kill Island DX

Stranded on an island and starving from hunger, you have to fight for survival in this competitive split-screen game for 4 players (controllers required). | HOW TO PLAY - Be the last person standing to win. Eat coconuts to keep your hunger bar above zero. Be aware of your dash and weapon cooldown indicators to plan your next move. | CONTROLS - Left Stick: Move - Right Stick: Aim - RT: Fire - LT: Dash | WEAPONS - At the start of a new round, you'll get a random selection of 2 weapons. Press LT to pick the left or RT to pick the right one. The game starts when everyone has selected his weapon of choice.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Art & Assets: Adobe Photoshop Music: Steinberg Cubase
Installation Instructions: 

Run SuperKillIslandDX .exe (Windows) or .app (Mac) in the "Release" Folder.



  • Marco Plüss & Mauro Zocco


  • Antonia Weber
  • Marco Plüss 


  • Christoph Bachofen
  • Claudio Lyk
  • Marco Plüss
  • Mauro Zocco


  • Mauro Zocco

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