SubCle(Surabaya Clean)

Surabaya is one of tourist destination cities in Indonesia. However, we often see some unpleasant rubbish scattered along the street. With these facts, what do we do now as a good citizen? You are given the role as a student who cleans the rubbish along the road without hurting yourself by crashing with the cars. For every successful stage, you will see a landmark of Surabaya. Use 'up & down key' to change lane. Enjoy Surabaya with our running game. Explore, clean up, discover, and learn about several monuments in Surabaya all at once !
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This is How it Feels
MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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This game is brought to you by IT'S team.

Each members have their awesome roles as follows:

- Noniek (rapunzel) : music

- Abdis (dvlanker) : programmer

- Bang Jay (muhammad janal arifin) : art & design

- Gusti (WERENK) : art & design

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