Spring is coming

Freeze yourselves, spring is coming! ------- A HOT-seat game, where two snowmen try to escape the warmth of spring. There are many melting dangers ahead, but they can work together to get past them. -------- There are four ordinary levels and one challenge level. You can play alone, but with a friend the journey is much easier and more enjoyable! -------- You can learn the game quickly through trial and error, but here are some hints if you need them: - move with arrows / WASD / controller, shoot with Ctrl left/right or A, F1 for help and Esc for menu, Enter selects. - avoid fire and fiery stones! - put out fires with snow and water! - size matters! ------ Have fun!
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MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
XNA + Jypeli game library
Installation Instructions: 

You need XNA to play this game, so download it unless you already have it. In the executable version open Setup.exe to install and open the game.

  • Satu Eskelinen: production, graphics, editing, code
  • Antti Lahti: code, sound
  • Jouni Potila: code
  • Mika Simula: game design, graphics, code
  • Jaakko Sukuvaara: graphics, game design
  • Mio Taalas: music
  • (Placeholder music by Evgeny Grinko)
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