Spooky Code

Let's talk about a man, an ordinary man. He goes every day to super mall... Chose, buy and... Scan. Scan, scan and scan... And get in a barcode world full of nightmare and abilities. What do we do now? Let's scan every barcode you found and help our unlucky man to defeat his nightmares! A little walkthrough: The game consists of two main parts: scanning barcodes (how much and every one you want) and... Of course the game itself. Barcodes can generate four kinds of elements: souls, movements, attacks and guarding skills: souls will define the characteristics of you player (healt points, action points, mastery and dodge) and of yours opponents. The lasts three kinds, will be used to play. How to play: Basically, with barcodes you scanned, you'll be able to use 12 cards generated by the scanned barcodes: these could be everything mentioned before. For each turn, you'll be able to choose 3 cards to play, and the opponent will do the same in a hidden fashion. The game is turn-based and it's played on a matrix battleground and your achievement is to get rid of your nightmares. We sincerely thank Dpstudios Development for their support for the audio design and support for our game.
Jam year: 
Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
It can't be built due to the barcodescan library used being proprietary. You can download and try it after having bouth the Easy Code Scanner Plug-in. The game works on Android OS only.

The team members:

Ideator and Code Developer: Luca Galli (Leyart)

Code developer: Lorenzo Neri (Istorn)

Artist and designer: Mattia Sanseverino

Artist and designer: Elisa Muraglia


Infinite thanks to the Sound Help Desk for all background songs and sound effects, in particular to LMK Production!

Game Stills: 
Source files: