Spartards is a turn-based strategy versus game, set in Antic Greece. Each player controls a hoplite, and the last one still alive wins ! Except, your hoplite only obeys you with a 2-turns delay. So, you'll have to think a lot to foresee your own actions ! Also, you can pick up weapons, get a better attack range and cooler attack animations !
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Optimized for 1280*720 resolution.

All you need is a keyboard : one player uses WASD (and E for attacking), the other one uses the arrow keys (and Ctrl for attacking) !

The "north" is the upper-right side.

If you want to quit an unfinished game, hold Escape for two seconds.

Have fun !


Simon Albou - Developer
Hugues Barlet - Level Designer / 2D Artist
Sébastien Fouque - Developer
Jérémy Gaucher - Sound Designer / Composer
Yann Obry - 2D Artist / Animator

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