Space Colors

In a near future, space commerce is very common. The paint cargo for the S. S. Einie has been lost and it’s up to the two workers at the station to save the day! They’ll have to mix the paint crates left in the station so they can have the missing colors from the cargo and let the Paint Shop open the next mornin. Move the crates through the stages and combine them with the color portals, move the new colors to the markers so you receive more points! But be careful, moving crates all around without paying attention might get you stuck. controls: Player 1 - Up/Down/Left/Rigt Player2- W/S/A/D reset level - P
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MS Windows
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Installation Instructions: 

Unzip and choose win32 for windows users or linux users and open spacecolors.exe(it comes with directX installer for the windows users)



  • Felipe D. C. Hirata

  • Wallace S. Carlini


  • Jerry L. W. I. Souza

  • Virgílio Silveira

Sound Engineer

  • Jean B. U. Branco

Game Designer

  • Bruno Girardi

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