Shitty Voltron

You are the last remaining members of the wildly unsuccessful E.D.F., the pan-national collaborative military effort that was charged with defending the planet from The Evil Ziggu-Bot. It is too bad for the few remaining human survivors that you are all very bad SV-Electromech pilots, and have never worked together before, and were just the worst students in Electomech Flight School. It is especially too bad for your leader, Commander Unicorn, who functions as the Head of the Electromech, and gets increasingly exasperated with you all for failing so hard at protecting the lives of the innocent. Good luck, Team! You're gonna need it. Gameplay: Players each control both joints of a single limb of the Electromech and strive to collectively accomplish the seemingly simple goal of defeating The Evil Ziggu-Bot by striking it's vulnerable Mega-Crystal with the Super SV-Team Electro-Sword. 4 Players are Highly Recommended. Controls: L-Stick: (Move upper Joint) R-Stick: (Move lower Joint) R-Trigger: (Turbothrusters) A: (Drop Super SV-Team Electro-Sword) Warning: Due to a bug, the game might be unwinnable! Considering we did the entire boss part in the last few hours of the jam, that's not surprising!
Jam year: 
Noise Generator
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Tools: Unity, Photoshop, Visual Studio, SublimeText, Ableton Live, BitBucket, InControl.
Installation Instructions: 

You need 4 Xbox controllers.

Info and a download link can be found here!


Jack Meade

Oliver Smith - (website)

Terence Lee - @lifeformed / [email protected]

Clifton B 

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