A survival/puzzle game, where you have to survive. There is three main threats: Lack of Oxygen, invasion of aliens and holes that may suck you into the outer space. There's 3 main characters, each with some specific action and context, but that you have to find out yourself, because they are thinking: "What do we do now?"
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Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
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Unity (any product)
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There is no need to install the game, simply clicking the .exe twice will open the game. 



Gráficos: Christian Weckl, Nikolas Godoy, Angelo Parodi, Henrique Faitta, Matheus Pimentel

Scripts: Pietro Garmatter, Victor Oda, Egon Araujo, Mateus José

Trilha Sonora: Leonardo Lima

Efeitos Sonoros: Leonardo Lima, (usuários: Midimagician e Err0)

Áudio: Tumpats / Leonardo Lima

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