What do you do at GGJ with idle hands and half a ton of modelling clay? You make a game with it! Meet clay dog Zhodeen, who earns his wage as a guide to the rulers of the world - sheep in top hats. Zhodeen's job is to keep the wolves away, whilst steering the sheep master race in the right direction. Before they can reach safety, Zhodeen needs to unlock the magical gramophone with a key that is buried somewhere close. Only his sheep overlords can signal its location! Instructions: - use arrows for steering left and right - use space to bark - barking changes sheep direction (from front) or speeds them up temporarily (from behind) and can scare off wolves - hold space to dig for the gramophone key - listen to the sounds from the sheep folk who signal when they're over the key! - don't let the wolves get to the sheep! If they kill enough of them, the game is over. - save enough sheep to win the game. Mind you, gui does not exist in Sheephood and neither do reasonable instruction screens. PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Spine used for animations, Unity sprite packer for atlas creation
Installation Instructions: 

Unpack in a folder of your choice and run the executable. Pick a resolution that applies.


Karolina Krawczyk - clay modelling and world design

Marek Rutkowski - animations

Jakub Marszałkowski - music

Dominik Gotojuch - code and design

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