Sacred Harvest

Greetings scholars, and seers of hidden truths. You may wonder why you are here. As you know, life is a place of fertile chaos, of untold bounty and ruination. The wheel of life ever turns, bestowing favour and calamity, in patterns mysterious and sacred. The people who brought you here seek your advice. Help them to know the will of the spirits and the land, to keep their oaths to the sea, sky, earth and fire. Show the people how to gain favour. To narrow the circle with every turn. To find a straight path to prosperity and peace. A game about developing rituals to please the pagan gods. Try to deduce what the spirit realm finds pleasing in your prayers before poor harvests cause the players to starve.
Jam year: 
Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
Uses PlayStation Move controllers. Game created in Python with Pygame. GIMP and Audacity for image and audio editing.
Installation Instructions: 

Uses PS Move API, available at: Install/build this library and put the location of the build folder into the "apiPath" variable within (within game directory)

Can utilise up to PS Move controllers 4 controllers, which need to be paired using psmovepair (found within PSMoveAPI build folder)

Game is run using "python" from command line


Thanks to our resident soothsayer Duncan Rowland for vetting and validating our celtic imagery.

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