Run for fame

Two actors fight to get the Ending Movie actor, they running and attack other to win the place.
Jam year: 
Stephen Hawking Can Play This
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Game Engine : Unreal Engine 4 3D Software : Maya , Zbrush ,UV Layout, Substance Designer, Substance Painter ,Photoshop CS6
Installation Instructions: 

Simply unzip our game and open release directory, click "RunForFame.exe" to execute it.


Team Leader: 邱政憲

Game Design: All team members

Programming and Scripting: 邱政憲,Jimmy Wu1

2D Artist: 陳昱睿

3D Artist: 湯睿誠, Steve Gordon Freeman

Sound and Music: Jimmy Wu1, Slime Meteor, Steve Gordon Freeman

Source files: