Robot Rescue

Your faithful robot friend CR-T1 is lost on a far away space station. You have to help guide him through the hallways and robots in search of nice and tasty power cells to keep him going. But beware! There may be evil monsters about!
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Key Board Control:

r : Rotate/Unrotate Camera with player

z : Zoom In 

x: Zoom Out

f : lock/unlock camera with player

When camera is unlocked, you can press w,a,s,d to move camera

r: rotate/unrotate camera with player


Mouse Control:

Left Click (On Floor) : place  "bread crumb" to attract robot





Anh Nguyen:Programming/Design

Ziliver Yuan:Programming/Design

Steven Yang:Programming/Art/Design

Joshua Carlos:Programming/Art/Design/Project Managment

Emma He:Programming/Design

James Anderson:Art/Design

Craig Morrison:Art/Design


Additional CC art and sound by Internet citizens on:, Incompetech, and Deviant Art - killswitchengagex,

Jagadamba, urupin, Kevin MacLeod


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