The Road Through Shakado Pass

"You hold a crinkled letter. The paper is yellowed, delicate. You got it six months ago, an unexpected treasure from Kamakura. Your friends there wrote it, a few years after you left for your most recent job. They hadn’t seen you in years, but they still remembered. Still thought you were worth writing to. Maybe they saw you as a tie back to the life they had each left behind, for one reason or another. Maybe they were worried you had died. Either way, the letter had been a lifeline. When the job ended, you had somewhere to go. People to see one more time." This game focuses on the journey of Mishima Yuu, a samurai returning to Kamakura from his last job. Since he has gone, the samurai class has been abolished during the Meiji Restoration (1873-1876), first through financial pressure and then through legislative pressure. Shakado Pass is a historical pass which connects two parts of Kamakura together. This interactive fiction explores themes of grief, loss, and passing through memories of the past to the present.
Jam year: 
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Twine, Photoshop

Writing/Twine Sorcery: Matt Kaemmerer

Writing/Music: Tim Vaughan

Writing/Illustration: Chelsea Hostetter



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To read more about Kamakura and the Meiji Restoration, <a href=",_Kanagawa#The_Meiji_period_and_the_20th_century">click here.</a> To see pictures of the real Shakado Pass, <a href="">click here.</a>