What does the world look like? That's a really simple question and you know the answer. You have lived here for years. And you are right, aren't you? Surely, you can't be wrong; you weren't wrong this whole time and this is just a sad way the world is! There are ghosts in our world, trapped between life and death. Ghosts aren't bad, don't you dare think so - they're in great pain. One simple bullet can end their misery and send the poor souls straight to Heaven. So grab your gun, will you? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ * space = open a door * left mause button = shoot/throw * WSAD buttons = move
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This is How it Feels
MS Windows
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GameMaker (any product)
Technology Notes: 
"Redemptor" was made in Game Maker from scratch.
Installation Instructions: 

Download folder "Redemptor" and extract all files. It should work. 


At first our team looked a little bit diffrent. 
There were two others great programmers - Michał & Adrian. But, because of technical incompability, they were only in the first stage of the project. Michał came up with some great gameplay ideas; sadly, we didn't manage to implement them before deadline. Should we decide to expand our game, he'll be the first guy we'll call to come back on the team. Adrian created the beautiful intro you can see in the game, and is officially counted among the authors. They did really good work, I tip my hat to them both. 

Now there's four of us. We're working together, we pulled an all-nighter together and we are seriously running out of time. It is - and will be even more - awesome.
And here comes the current Team.

Programmer Oskar,
who spent all his time here to make our game actually work. Designer of maps. 

Sound Technician Adam,
also speaker, you can hear his epic voice. Soundtrack arranger. 

Writers Iza & Alicja,
they made dialogues and basically every piece of text which is in the game. Story designers


Iza also made the cutscenes and editing, and Alicja is taking care of this site. 

...end intro animation was made by Adrian.  

The story was created together: a bunch of ideas and effect of brainstorming. (And white board without any working pen.)
After, finally, choosing one specific opction - plot and characters and everything just sort of grooooow...

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